“Because I really care about your trip and your experience in Amsterdam.”Experience in Amsterdam

Dear Amster.lover, 

Welcome to my new digital platform, welcome to Amster.dani’s blog!

I am so happy to announce that from 2021 I will weekly write a post here to share my main advice and point of view about Amsterdam. My main goal with this direct channel is to communicate with you and compile most of my experiences and knowledge about the city.

Being honest, I hesitated for many months whether I should or not create a blog to share more detailed information about Amsterdam. The amount of information and unique experiences I accumulated living in the city since 2017 can be explored in a more structured and accessible communication channel, with Amster.dani’s identity and unique personality.

From now on, on this blog, you will find articles about culture, lifestyle and experiences of the city I am completely in love with. You are going to read and discuss the world of food and drinks, art and history, music and movies, practical information, but also daydreams of mine and much more.

During 2020, I had the opportunity to reconnect with my inner-writer although it is not the first time I embrace creative writing as a way to express my emotions and share my thoughts. Before, I have been journaling my life and trips in many personal articles but never shared widely open on the Internet. Well, during the pandemic, I decided to organize myself and my business to address what was pending on my “to-do” list due to the busy schedule of Amster.dani tours and experiences. 

Writing also supported me emotionally during the lockdown and helped me mentally, keeping my dreams alive during the most challenging moment in the history for the hospitality industry (hotel, restaurant, attraction and tourism services in general, etc). I love writing and I found on this hobby a kind of therapy that helps me and others to enjoy the city I chose to call home. Experience in Amsterdam

You can also find more information and tips about Amsterdam in my Instagram feed.