“Very precise, they are really helpful in planning throughout the day.”

Essential apps when visiting Amsterdam

When coming to the Netherlands, there are a few apps that will make your trip easier and practical. Rather you need to check the “crazy” weather to see if it will rain when you are leaving your hotel, or you need to check the route to your next museum visit, this post will guide you through the apps locals use, and are essential apps when visiting Amsterdam or other city in the Netherlands.

The first place in the list is shared between the Buienalarm and the Buienradar, free translated as the “storm radar or alarm”.  I particularly prefer the Buienalarm, but it is not available to all the phones, so you can use the Buienradar instead. These apps are extremely important, especially if you are coming during the Spring or Autumn. There, you can see exactly at what time the rain will start, and how heavy it will be. Also, at what time it stops. Very precise, they are really helpful in planning throughout the day.

Essential apps when visiting Amsterdam

9292 and Google Maps occupy (also together) the second place in this list. They are important to help you checking the routes through which you will get to the desired destination either by walking, bike, or public transport, and the time, stop, and name/number of the busses, metros, and trams.

NS-app is the official app from the public transportation company. There, you can check the updated train schedules and best routes to get where you want by public transport. Great to use if you are going on a day trip outside Amsterdam. But similarly to 9292, they also show you the schedule of busses, metros, and trams in the city.

Essential apps when visiting Amsterdam

Google Translate is in fourth place on my list. Although it will not be difficult to find English speakers in the Netherlands: Last year, the country was ranked number one in the world for English proficiency, for the second year in a role, by the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI). You will encounter some Dutch words on your way. It could be at the supermarket, restaurant, or even on the street signs. So, in my opinion, it is interesting to have a translating app right on hand. 

Essential apps when visiting Amsterdam

Google translator is a good option because it offers instant camera scanning of the words, speech recognition, and other features.

It might also be interesting to practice some Duolingo (a language learning app) before coming, so you will be prepared for some unforeseen situations.

Also, if you look back on my IG feed, you will find a few posts about Dutch words in different contexts! You can save them to make your life easier when here!

Essential apps when visiting Amsterdam

Lastly, but not least, good apps to have in hand are food delivery apps. If you are too tired to go to a restaurant, you can order from your hotel with one of these apps. Thuisbezorged, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo are food delivery apps used a lot by locals. They often offer great discounts and deals, totally worth a try!

💡 Tip: Although you will find free available WiFi in most of the places you go, it is good to have an internet connection in case of an emergency. At Vodafone or T-Mobile, you can easily find stores in the city center, you can get a pre-paid sim card that gives you a 3g/4G connection and also a number from which you can make and receive calls. These plans normally also cover other European countries, being possible to use your Dutch sim card during your Eurotrip, even after you leave the Netherlands.


Dating apps such as Tinder, Happn, Bumble, Hinge, and so on, are widely used in the Netherlands. If you wish to meet new people while travelling, that might be a good opportunity. On Bumble you also have the option to choose between date, friend, or business.Essential apps when visiting AmsterdamI hope these tips will help you during your trip to Amsterdam, follow me on Instagram for more tips like these!

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